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2012 February

4:01 Oxygen systems for wellness - inside an Exar showroom >>
5:00 Demo of a natural oxygen facial step by step - watch it >>

9:38 Demo of a Firming Breast treatment with Oxygen and Natural Products >>

1:22 Bio Oxy Skin - Oxygen Facials & Body treatments with Oxygen and Natural products >>

Beautiful like a nymph with Multi BiOxy Skin: the Cosmoprof novelty 2012 is coming >>

Exar Events

COSMOPROF: 9-12 March 2012, Bologna - Pav. 16, booth F32

OxyFragrance - the absolute wellness novelty Autumn 2011. Italian concept, design and manufacture, CE not medical device.

Perfect for Beauty centres, Spas, Wellness Centres, Hotels...wherever you take care of people Oxyfragrance let your clients enjoy even more your services.

New wellness, new business. Try it on yourself!

Let OxyFragrance recharge your batteries in 10 minutes breathing a new, fresh quality air: enriched with oxygen and precious natural aroma. For your wellness. For your own safety...discover more...


Are you a Beauty Centre?

Here are the normobaric and hyperbaric oxygen systems: basic and integrated solutions with other aesthetic methods.

Are you a Spa or a Wellness Centre?

Here is the multisensory innovation (oxygen, aromatherapy, musictherapy, thermotherapy, shiatsu, flickering lights etc) studied for spas.

Are you a Hotel or an Advertising Agency?

Here is the fusion of pure style with entertainment and healthy benefits.


Are you a Restaurant, a Bar or a Pub?

What about oxygen to breathe and oxygen to eat? Bejond the idea of fusion restaurant, here is what you need to add healthy oxygen to your menu. to your cocktails and your sweets, with unchanged taste and new sensations!