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Porty Oxygen Bar O2Fantasy and O2Smart
Elegant portable mini bar to increase even more the hotel suites’ value and complete any wellness space by means of a relaxing aromatised oxygen break a cutting-edge system that generates pure oxygen at 93%, ably mixed to aroma blends. Using Exar Oxygen Bar is as easy as breathing. Digital control, massive lacquered wood, pyrex glass and stainless steel - the top of O2 bars. Everything to breathe pure wellness, get relaxed and enjoy with your friends.

The first Italy made mini oxygen bars. O2Fantasy and O2Smart offer pure wellness: each unit revitalizes body and mind offering aroma-enriched oxygen inhalation. They both ensure functionality as well: in one unit you have a wellness station, a striking piece of furniture and a suggestive lamp
O2Fantasy captures the look thanks to its essential discreet lines, O2Smart is unique thanks to its murano-style crystal glass and its smooth wood structure.

OxyFragrance OxyRegeneration Boliss

Aroma Station + O2 generator + Medusa Sprayers (flexible chromium-plated metal arms to spray aroma-oxygen-enriched air wherever you like) + 4 Aroma Blends.

Absolutely Italian design / manufacture, OxyFragrance is the most comfortable system to enjoy oxygen-enriched air & natural aroma wherever you want.

You don’t need to wear any cannula: simply adjust the Medusa sprayers as you prefer, to enjoy your oxygen-aroma-enriched air close to the nose, on the skin, or just in the room.

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System including Aroma Station + O2Generato holder (standard colour -blue)+ O2 Generator + Shiatsu Chair  Fantastica New + Audio-Videotherapy dome MECUM

Oxy Regeneration stimulates intensively the smell offering aroma enriched oxygen, the touch with the most cutting edge massage chairs, the hearing and the sight with Mecum, a dome able to suit any chair which includes a DVD player and 2 incorporated headphones to enjoy films and music.

OxyRegeneration revitalizes body & mind using aroma-enriched oxygen, high-quality shiatsu massage, relaxing music and videotheraphy.

System including Boliss Mixer + Boliss holder + Oxygen concentrator. Italian design and manufacture.

System to prepare in 30 seconds oxygen enriched cocktails, transforming every drink and juice in a soft oxygen mousse, with unchanged taste, super light and super pleasant feeling thanks to the oxygen bubbles!

You can boliss (= enrich with oxygen) herbal teas, cool teas, nescafe, fruit juices, analcoholic cocktails etc. Everything will become soft, golous as a mousse is, but light and healthy as a supplement is. Enjoy it with a spoon and offer it to your clients.

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Exar is leader in systems combined with the supply of oxygen for wellness. Even for hotels there are handy aroma-enriched oxygen units or larger stations that are attractive for new customers and used ones.

And what about entertaining pleasantly people waiting at a Airport's gate or some visitors at a show, an exhibition or an event? Oxygen system by Exar are really an elegant trendy cool solution!


Exar is present all over the world with its oxygen systems.