Multi BiOxy Skin

Beautiful like a Nimph

Harmonious, Beautiful, Divine

All thanks to 3 Precious Technologies: Oxygen, Radiofrequency and Colourtherapy

Multi BiOxy Skin - Your three steps to become a nymph

Every walk starts with a step, the same happens with your beauty journey with Multi BiOxy Skin, an experience that enlights and reveils your clients' beauty effectively and softly. In just a few treatment. Multi BiOxy Skin looks after face and body ensuring visible professional results thanks to its three components: Clizia RF, BioOxySkin and Chromo.


Multi BiOxy Skin - 3 steps, 3 actions

  • Stimulate, firm and tone up deeply face and body tissue thanks to the reparative processes started by multipolar radiofrequency
  • Oxygenate and rejuvenate the tissue, driving into the skin together with pure oxygen natural cosmetic, based on fresh wheat grass and other specific natural precious ingredients.
  • Relax or excite the client during the treatment using the colourtherapy programs, studied sequences of LED lights that work on human arousal (physiological activation. Because beauty is a matter of body and mind.

1. CLIZIA RF Face & Body Multipolar Radiofrequency System. The most cutting-edge RF for deep effective treatments that fit any kind of skin. Safely. Long lasting results ensured by highly customizable programs: you can adjust the frequency (0,5 or 1 MHz) and the power according to the area to be treated, choosing specific programs for face, arms, belly, legs as well.

2. BIOOXYSKIN It is the most advanced solution for safe powerful oxygen treatments. Inside BioOxySkin hosts a reliable US-made oxygen concentrator, that develops 6 litres oxygen every minute, 93% purity. To this oxygen we add studied cosmetics, following timing and procedures continuously updated in order to ensure always the best results. All the Exar Beauty cosmetics are vegan, absolutely natural and complete: together with oxygen our specific cosmetics take care of every inch of your client, from face to breast, from thighs to feet. Always in a pleasant not invasive way. Among the most popular Exar oxygen facial and body treatment: the regenerative facial, the anti-wrinkle facial, the anti-acne protocol, the firming breast treatment and the heavy puffy calves & feet treatments. For fresh gentle beauty sessions that leave their mark.

3. CHROMO Beauty involves body and mind and working to get the client relaxed is becoming growingly important. For this reason the Chromo Module’s 40 optic fibres offer 3 specific programs, based on studied sequences of coloured lights in order to relax or reactive body and mind. And your client’s skin enjoy the session as well, because not only the eyes, but the whole body perceive colours.

The radiofrequency treatment with CLIZIA RF

The oxygen facial with absolutely natural cosmetics with BIO OXY SKIN

The relaxing colourtherapy with CHROMO

Multi BiOxy Skin – the beauty integration path

The oxygen treatments with BIOOXYSKIN can be enjoyed alone or after the CLIZIA RF treatments, into studied integrated protocols defined according to the client’s need. In both the cases, the colourtherapy offered by CHROMO let the client get relaxed or activated according to his/her skin, general attitude and mood. Because beauty involves body and mind and can be achieved if you look after both. With Multi BiOxy Skin.

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